XBOX One Repairs

XBOX Repairs & Services

The latest Microsoft gaming console, XBOX One, proved to be very reliable and sturdy.

Since it was released, we haven’t had many enquiries for XBOX One repairs. However, with our long experience in repairing game consoles, in cases where our expertise was required, we were able to assist and resolve the issues that our customers experience with XBOX One.

When it comes to the previous generation of XBOX-es, XBOX 360, on top of repairs, we are also able to do a number of modifications that unleash the full power of your XBOX 360. Most popular of those modifications for XBOX 360 is RGH Chip.

UPDATE: Due to lack of parts we can no longer provide repairs or modifications to XBOX 360 consoles. 

What is RGH – Reset Glitch Hack?

RGH is a popular XBOX 360 Modification that unlocks the full potential of your console. Available on all XBOX 360-S consoles and most XBOX 360-E consoles. We do not provide RGH on “fat” consoles as it proves to be unstable on this old model of  XBOX 36o. 

Once RGH is installed, which involves soldering the RGH chip on your motherboard and installing supporting software, you are able to:

  • Play backups of your games off an internal or external Hard Drive
  • Play Arcade games, original XBOX games and homebrew software
  • Transfer your original game from DVD to hard drive (ripping)
  • Run ANY REGION Xbox 360 games (PAL, NTSC-U, NTSC-J)
  • Modify game codes which allows custom game mods
  • Includes nice looking custom dashboard which gives easy access to games on your hard drives and full control over your XBOX 360

RGH Mod does not support playing XBOX 360 Online!

RGH Chip

Prices of XBOX Repairs & Services

Here are the prices of some of our most popular services.
For any service not listed here, please give us a call.

XBOX One Repairs

HDMI Port Replacement – $120
Optical drive repairs – from $80
WiFi Module Replacement – $100
System Software Repairs – from $80
Hard Drive replacement – 1Tb – $180 $150
Hard Drive replacement – 2Tb – $220 $180

NEW – Xbox One X Retimer Chip Replacement (No Video) – $150